Goal Digger

Happy New Year Friends!

I don’t know about you but 2018 felt long and drawn out! I was definitely waiting for the New Year to hit since I had all these aspiring goals and this new task list I wanted to get a start on. I am one of those people that like to start new goals at the beginning of a week or in this case the beginning of a new year! Starting this blog has opened up my eyes to so many opportunities that I truly needed to find a way to manage my time and set realistic goals or realistic time frames.

As you know I work full time and have a family, which doesn’t give me a ton of time to work on a side gig as much as I would like it to. That’s actually what I used to tell myself, but now I realized i’m only going to make it where I want to be if I make the time and find the time. Whether I have to stay up late or get up earlier or do things on my lunch break. I am determined to make 2019 the best year yet! I bought myself a planner ( which I do every year and end up using it for a few months and i shove it to the side) but this time it’s going to be different! I feel like I needed this planner to really try and learn to balance my time. Along with that saying “No” I have always been the one to try and fit everything in whether it was saying sure I will stop by here or sure I’ll go to lunch, and then juggle family and children in between…it caused nothing but headache and stress for me and ultimately my other half. So part of my new years resolution I plan on making sure that whoever has my time gets my time!

The month leading up to January I kept telling Nate and my good friends that 2019 was going to be THE year! The year of growth, not only for me but for my friends and family. Everything just felt right and I don’t know if that was the self motivation I look for everyday that made me feel that or prayer. I pray for a lot of things…strength, courage, for my family and my friends. I feel like talking to GOD has seriously changed my life TREMENDOUSLY! I don’t like to preach but I know God has a plan for me and everyone. I tell myself on the regular that ” He would never put anything in my path if he didn’t think I could handle it.” When I tell myself that or anyone needing a little encouragement I feel like it can change your whole look on life or a certain situation. You gotta do what you gotta do and that’s exactly what I plan on doing.


  • Be More Organized
  • Be Consistent
  • Declutter my house (every single room)
  • Spend more time enjoying the little things at home and not worrying SO MUCH !
  • Be Real with myself
  • Try to be healthier with my diet and working out
  • Spend time really dating my spouse
  • Setting a standard/ Goal for my blog and Instagram. Gotta show up to be seen!

These are just a few of my goals/ tasks that I would really like to accomplish this year. I know I can do it and plan on taking all the necessary steps to get there! Overall I hope that you all set yourself some goals and try tackling them little by little. We have to better ourselves any chance we can get and I truly think this year we can all help each other grow in some way some form. Please comment below and let me know your personal goals and if there is anything special in the New Year you would like to see more of from me! Happy New Year and Cheers to a great 2019!

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