Being Present

  I know this is only my second post but I wanted to jump right in and be real with you all. This blog is a mix of everything beauty, lifestyle, steals and deals as you already know. A lot will also be about MOTHERHOOD which brings me to this post..I am first a mother and wife above all other things.

 Mom life is nonsense sometimes and overwhelming especially when you work full time, have a kid with an attitude, deal with negative people at work or rude people in the world, and it all sucks when you have an anxiety issue on top of it all. Some days it seems like a piece of cake and other days you are at the end of your rope..

One day my life can be running as smooth as possible and the next thing you know I’ve got a child with a fever, a blow out diaper, or a toddler with an attitude of a teen. You will learn more about me through this all and one thing I am very open about is my anxiety and how it can effect me and my lifestyle.

My oldest daughter is just five years old but acts like she could be 13!! All the sass that comes with her spunky attitude is a lot to handle. I’ve been through the terrible twos, obnoxious threes, feisty fours, and know it all fives! Let me tell you…I am terrified for sassy six! Don’t get me wrong she is seriously the life of the party and has a heart of gold but as some of you may know children are good for everyone else but their parents. All of this is a learning experience and I couldn’t be more thankful to have this opportunity to raise two beautiful children. Going through all of this now with Adelyn will only help us with her little sister as she gets older. Avery Mae is a little spitfire herself. We are currently in the stage where she is learning so much. A couple words here and there, mastering walking, running, climbing. Even the hitting stage. I just hope whatever we are doing brings them nothing but joy and happiness knowing they have so many people that love and care for them because I love my babies and at the end of the day they are growing and learning every day just like me, although it seems like some people never learn anything.

I LOVE my job!! I emphasize on the word love because I can not get enough of the people I work with. We are all so close and we really are like family. If we didn’t have a support system outside of work you bet your ass we do at “home” The amount of support and friendships we’ve created between one another is something I have never came across in a workplace. Don’t get me wrong it’s not always sunshine and rainbows around the office because we still deal with everyday life, rude people, nice people, conflicts with one another. For example: We ordered Jimmy Johns the other day for our doctor. When the guy got there he rudely interrupted me while I was with a patient and basically threw the bag at me. No “Hello, how are you, or kiss my ass” When I signed the receipt he had the nerve to ask me if I was going to tip him!! Like really… I feel like some people just need a big time out, including myself.

I have learned a lot over the past couple years dealing with anxiety and the MANY ways it can effect me. My anxiety comes with mood swings, deep depression, scatter brain, and so much more. I will focus a blog post at some point and touch on different ways I have learned to adjust, or take a step back and different breathing exercises. I feel like this day and age depression and anxiety is so much more common and talked about. Which makes it a lot easier for me to be able to share my experiences.

I  promise to put out amazing content and be present as much as possible because after all that is a big part of being a blogger and influencer. However, there will be days you see way more of me than others. As I get my hands into a little bit more you will see what I am capable of and then the fun really begins!! I have so many things planned for you all and I am so excited to share this crazy thing you call life with all my faithful readers!

Be sure to keep an eye out for some fun little things I’ll be doing in the next week! Talk to you all soon.


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