The Journey Begins

Okay y’all!  So you know how much I enjoy a good deal, or what I like to call it, ” Steals and Deals”

I remember looking back in the day when my mom always kept her coupon book in her purse and NOW it has FINALLY clicked! Not only do I get to save money but I get more bang for my buck! Shopping smart and savy has really come in handy since I have two little minis to shop for. If you have girls you know what I’m talking about! Little Divas in the making!

I feel like I have a pretty good eye for a bargain. I’ve learned what strikes my interest seems to strike a lot of yours as well. So part of my main focus on this blog will always be to share great deals I come across. 

Another main focus on the blog will be Beauty!! I have always loved make up and I have alwayssss loved playing with it. I am definitely not a make up artist of any sort, but trying new products makes me the happiest girl on earth! I’m sure y’all can relate when you get the notification that your package has arrived at your door step and you jump up and down and silently scream with excitement! 

My favorite blogger of all time, Krista Horton said once, ” I love feeling connected and feeling like we are all one somehow someway!” Which is exactly how I feel on so many levels this day and age with the social media craze.

There are so many things I want to share with you all, and I can’t wait to jump right in and really get to know and connect with each and every one of you! In the mean time if you wouldn’t mind taking the time to share, like, comment and subscribe I would genuinely be so thankful! 

Talk to you soon! xoxo

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